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Retirement Plaque Order Form


  • We recommend your personal email to assist in communication after normal business hours, especially since we are on Pacific Standard Time.
  • We recommend a personal mobile smart phone number if available. It greatly assists in communicating with you regarding order status, layouts, questions, etc. If a mobile number is not available provide an evening contact number.
  • Enter the desired date for receiving the plaque. Normal turnaround time is one week (excluding shipping) after the customer has approved the layout and any customer provided items are received. Leaving the date blank will indicate that there is no rush to receive the plaque.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Enter the shipping address. Normal shipper is FedEx ground.

  • If the recipient wants different rank on either side of the name, enter both ranks.
  • Select whether the rank is to be engraved or mounted. We charge $15 per pair of rank if you purchase them from us. An additional cost of $2 per badge to mount.
  • Enter multiple dates if required, due to breaks in service or service dates from different military branches.
  • Enter in the first column the name of the medal or ribbon, abbreviations/Acronyms are acceptable (ie MSM). Enter the number of devices and types in the second column, ie 3 BOLC (Bronze Oak Leak Cluster), Letter M, BS (Bronze Star), etc. If you have a separate document or photo of the decorations skip this section and upload the file in the file upload section of this form.
    Medal/Ribbon# Devices/Device Types 
  • Enter the description of any badges desired to be either engraved or mounted. If mounted please ensure you indicate whether you or we are providing the badge(s).
    BadgeEngraved/Mounted/Customer Provided? 
  • Enter here any miscellaneous graphics desired such as clipart, rank, airplanes, shields, emblems, etc.
    DescriptionLocation (ie top left, bottom, etc.) 

  • This is the Military branch desired of the recipient. Identify in the special instructions at the end of this form if more than one medallion. Although one medallion and wreath are included in the cost, a graphic can be engraved in it's place. Just indicate your desires here or in the special instructions section.
  • Describe desired graphic/patch/shield/emblem located to the left of the center medallion.
  • Describe desired graphic/patch/shield/emblem located to the right of the center medallion.
  • Attach any additional files such as layout sketches, word docs, pdf's, scanned images, graphic files, decorations rips, military history, etc. as needed.
    Drop files here or
  • Enter any other information regarding the layout, items, graphics, that are unique and cannot be described elsewhere on the form, such as a inscription or the military history. Also if you see something on other plaques that is not specifically called out in this order form, enter it here. I.e. engraved row of rank from A1C to SMS.